Love love love!

I am on my 9th Sarah Dessen book. 
I only have to read That Summer, Just Listen (currently reading) , The moon and more among her books. 
I can’t wait to read all of her books, I am her biggest fan ❤ 


Writing after a month!

Hi my dear readers, 
I am mostly on my Ipad these days hence I do not end up writing blog posts because I absolutely dislike writing blog posts from my iPad.
For the past month, my life was quite boring, I really didn’t have anything to blog about. 

But this is my October update :
I am watching new tv shows ; The Tomorrow People, Trophy Wife, Reign, Betrayal

I was disappointed with Glee, I wanted Cory’s life to be honoured not his character’s hence I will not be watching it anymore. 

Had 1 bad experience with a client , and thereafter decided to not take on people without referrals. 

I am still working on my reading resolution , I was supposed to finish 200 books but I only finished 46 books. I am wondering how I will be able to finish the remaining books by December 31st!! 

Lock and Key- Sarah Dessen – A life changing book

I was so hesitant when I began reading this book. I never read any of Dessen’s book hence was completely clueless as to what to expect. But , I fell in love with this book and even after 2-3 weeks of finishing it I think of it.

The story is about Ruby, coming from an abusive mother she does not want to do anything with her life, well surviving is her only motive. But, her well to do sister Cora suddenly gets her responsibility. Cora’s husband, Jamie is a very sweet guy who is extremely supportive of Ruby.

Nick is Cora’s neighbour, wealthy, good looking but he is holding something back.

Dessen impressed me so much that I already have two of her other books in paperbacks and she is definitely one of my first choices when it comes to reading now.

I HIGHLY recommend this book.

The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

I do not know what got into me when I added “read all Nicholas S books” to my Pinterest bucket list. 
But, I do not really regret my decision. I love him, his books, and I love how he believes in love. It’s good to know men believe in love, and Nicholas S is one of those guys who make me restore my faith in men. 
However, having said that The Notebook was a BIG disappointment. 

I have a difference in opinion then that of Nicholas. He believes love can happen at any age and it can be strong love, the love which one can’t raise a finger at. 
But I felt like banging my head on my Ipod reading Noah and Allie’s story. 

My first problem with the book was I couldn’t get past 10 pages  in the beginning. I had to literally force myself to read it. The book was short but long only because I found it to be extraordinarily boring.  Allie was 15, Noah was 17 they met after 12 years , spent 2 days together and Allie dumped her fiancee to be with him. Someone please kill me. I found no logic in their story.

I did find like the book only when Noah was the old man visiting his wife Allie who is suffering from Amnesia. It’s a book which will make you realize nothing lasts forever. I just wish the story of Noah and Allie was stronger. But I liked the older people’s story , I cried at one point, and I love Nicholas only because you can NEVER fully hate a book. At one point, you will fall in love with the book.