7 things vegans are tired of

1. People’s amazement every time you mention you’re vegan
2. When people ask you the reason and if you say “for animals” , you are done 
3. The question “HOW DO YOU SURVIVE” 
4. “What is that? (vegan)
5. Your nearest grocery store will not have any good vegan options. 
6. Dairy free ice creams / desserts are rare and can only be made by special order
7. “So what do you eat?”


20 questions to ask couples before their wedding (photography)

Some questions may seem personal but consider asking them because wedding photography is special and you want the photos to reflect their love for each other

1. How long are you guys together for?
2. How long have you been planning the wedding for?
3. Are you happy with the preparations so far?
4. What did you always hope your wedding day would be like?
5. Are you guys comfortable together on photos?
6. Are you happy with each other?
7. Do you forget everything when you look at your partner?
8. Marriage is a big decision and you will trust each other with this , are you nervous?
9. Are both of you having the same vision about your wedding photos , would you like them sexy, sweet , beautiful or a blend of everything?
10. Are you comfortable kissing for the camera ?
11. Are you comfortable striking poses which may feel awkward ?
12. You do understand your wedding photographer will spend the most important day of your life with you, is there anything they should know ; annoying guests who could block photos, or photos you wouldn’t like taken of etc.
13. Are you excited about the whole experience? Wedding is a celebration but marriage is a journey, are you happy to share it with your partner?
14. What’s one thing your partner says that makes you blush?
15. What is the best thing your partner has ever done for you ?
16. 50 years from now, you will be showing these photos to your grandkids. What story would you like to tell through these photos?
17. Do you laugh at each other’s jokes?
18. Are you ticklish ? (important to ask because a ticklish moment can bring the best photos)
19. The first word that comes to your mind when you think of your partner ?
20 . When I say your partner’s name , how do you see them?

Some might ask why I ask so many personal questions, it’s because you need to understand where they stand as a couple to bring out the best in them.

What is fashion for me?

Fashion once used to be so important for me, to some extent it still is ! I would still invest my money on something that is “happening”. I am not ashamed or anything but I would really like to experiment with my style,outfits, accessories and such. But, I live in Canada and Canada is AMAZING for fashion if you are willing to invest on winter garments which I absolutely dread.
I wish I lived somewhere where the weather was warmer and nicer. I would really like to experiment with fall, spring and summer outfits.
This year has been a pretty crappy year for me. I mean it was good because I gave a lot of time to myself, but fashion wise it sucked.
I am thinking I will buy a sewing machine and start sewing. wouldn’t it be cool?
i was on the subway the other day, I couldn’t help over hearing how a woman was boasting about learning sewing by herself!
I think it would be amazing. What do you think?