The first step towards clearing my debt

I got a notice from the collections department insisting on making a payment to my cancelled card where I owe $400. The limit was of $300 but I never paid anything to that card so yeah.
So I did some work last week and got $25. I paid off $23 to my owing card. I know that’s nothing but that’s the first step.



Okay so I am on debt. If I ask my mother to pay it off she will but I really don’t want to get into that. I am old enough now, aren’t I? 
The fact is, I don’t like working under people hence I try to earn money on my own abilities. The job I have right now pays about 7 per hour. It does not require serious labor so I am okay.
The problem I am facing now is I don’t earn enough to pay it all. I am on debt well over $2100. The amount is not really a large sum but I don’t know how I will earn it all.