My life’s biggest problem


So I found out some ways to lessen the problem

1. Avoid drinking too much water. There is a fine difference between staying hydrated and stuffed with too much water. Too much water can make your cheek area swell which makes your cheeks look even chubbier.

2. Cut down Sugar ! My biggest bad habit is sugar ! I am a dessert lover ! But if you need sugar , pour a tbsp sugar in water and drink up. Avoid anything sugary for the rest of the day.

3. DIET : I know we have heard this ever since we were born, but the truth is more vegetables less oil, less salt can reduce puffiness.

4. Any exercise with high intensity : my personal favorites are fat burning exercises ! They are more intense which is harder but every bead of sweat is worth it.

5. Fruits : fruits are great to snack on, replace fruits as occasional snacks.


Chubby cheeks

So I have had this problem my whole life : chubby cheeks
While other people always compliment me on my “cuteness” I really do not want to be called cute. I will officially be 19. 19- that means I will be allowed to drink LEGALLY
But, I still look like a 13 year old thanks to the chubby cheeks
My biggest problem is I am a sweet addict, I need to have something sweet in order to get through my day or else it’s over for me

These are the things I will be doing for the next 1 week
– Drink water , ONLY
– Have breakfast : egg, vegetables, fruits and nothing else the whole day except water
– Face exercises
– Yoga an hour at least