My concerns

I will try my best to not sound like a mother in this post. But, I cannot refrain from judging the “improvements” around me. I will love to stress the word “improvements”. If I tell you that I am technologically challenged I will not be completely wrong. Sure, I know how to open my internet browser but I am not least bit aware of the many functions of computers, etc. That being said, my concern is, I am only 19 now (old for many I know) but years from now, when I will have my own kids I cannot imagine them being super dependant on Google voice and the internet. I am quite certain ten years from now library will probably be only digital. While all these improvements are making life easy , t I really think in the long run they will only have a negative impact on us. Come to think of it, almost everything is online now. People find it unnecessary to purchase paperback copies of books because they think they have it anyway (count me in on that). Having accepted the changes, I am also worried about whether our conveniences going to be inconvenient for the future generations. Everything is in our hands if we are on our computer. This is only crippling us. This is making us lazy.