How I control my cravings

Just like every other teenager (not-so-fit) teenagers, I am always craving some junk food. Just yesterday, my brother was having pizza. I was tempted to have pizza. I almost had it but then I put it away and distracted myself ..
So today I will share with you my mantras of controlling cravings

* Know that bad food is bad for you. It will increase the amount of body fat in your body. It will  also make you gain weight. Bad food has the ability to give you disease as well!
* Whenever you want cookies, or bad food ..just look at the calories ..then calculate how many miles you’ve to run to burn that
*A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.
* distract yourself with books, or anything that won’t make you want to munch
* Drink water, or make yourself a smoothie..add some sugar but not too much
* Know why you want to be fit. I am not necessarily fat but I have fat in my body which can lead to an unwanted illness later on in my life. Hence, I workout.
* If you’re healthy, workout to be in shape.