Why you should consider getting a cat!

-They are one of the most easy-to-handle pets ever!
– When I got my cat (3 months ago) she was 6 months. Her owner was giving her away hence I adopted her. I didn’t know ANYTHING about cats. I didn’t even know they have a litter box. With time, I learned I had to do close to nothing for my cat.
– Did you know there are about 70 million stray cats in the United States?
– The average cost of raising a kitten is $600 per year. (food, and other utilities)
– If you have one cat and love her/ him enough , they will love you too!
– Don’t get expensive cats, get the ones from shelter. You will be helping them.
– Who says cats aren’t loving? Cats are loving if you love them!
– It’s easy to satisfy your cat. Just turn on videos for cats on youtube!
– You don’t have to take them for a walk.
– They use the litter box to discharge waste material.
– Their food intake is normally low.
– They are amazing at staying home alone.
– They aren’t destructive.
– They mostly sleep all day.
– If you are out for work, just give them food on a bowl and they will be happy.
– Many cats do like to go outdoors but unless you plan on neutering them, it’s better if you keep them inside.
– I wanted to get my cat neutered but she stays home all the time. She even gets scared if I try to take her downstairs to the lobby. So I decided against it, I don’t want to hurt my cat.
– The only big responsibility you will probably have is nail trimming.
– Bathing is a possibility. My cat hates it but I am planning on giving her one soon.