I am grateful for …

Okay so I was having a very rough day , I mean as I mentioned in my earlier post I was having guy problems so I ended up going crazy today . However now I’m trying to make peace with myself

Now I’m actually making a list of all the things I’m grateful for , everything I can remember . I am grateful ;
For having my parents , they are the best parents ever
For my brother , he is my best friend
For my extended family, they love me so much
For my little cousins , they make me happy
For living in the best country possible
For working on my own and making decent money
For friends I can count on
For days I’m happy
For days I’m sad because I’m motivated to pull myself back together
For being vegan
For knowing all that I know
For my clients / people I work with
For being Bangladeshi
For the tv shows I watch
For netflix
For my iPad
For my MacBook
For my purple iPod which is 6 years old and still running
For my beautiful cat
For my tea collection
For library
For bookstores I can spend hours at
For stumble upon
For Pinterest
For experiences which made me a better person
For my mistakes
For 17 years I got to spend with my dad
For romantic novels
For gossip girl
For having the ability to dream
For the five senses that work
For being short , I don’t look my age
For crosswords
For Hindi serials
For Bollywood
For my makeup collection
For my straightener
For getting to know so many different cultures through my job
For twitter
For those memories my dad left behind
For my nailpolish collection
For the fact that my mom loves my cat
For the fact that I know names of my neighbours dogs
For whole foods
For vegan ice cream
For tempeh and tofu
For having minimum cooking skills
For the properly baked vegan cupcakes I make
For having access to the gym
For having a place to call home
For having clean water
For terrible Canadian weather , at least I am warm at home
For warm winter clothing
For my cat’s purrs
For different toys I buy katy
For winter boots
For good food
For fruits
For one tree hill
For new girl
For chick lits and chick flicks
For YouTube
For my crappy blackberry , at least I’ve a phone
For snowfall
For dollar stores
For being healthy and disease free
For good music
For sarah dessen and Nicholas sparks
For kijiji
For gaining weight because I’m motivated to be fit
For those days I sing and everyone is scared at my house
For washing machines and dryers
For stars
For Starbucks and when they serve soy milk
For firefighters , cops , doctors, engineers , nurses and everyone who keeps us safe
For having the ability
For wordpress
For rants and raves


Why you should ABSOLUTELY go Vegan!

I know this is a free world and we are all entitled to our opinions but I am very judgemental towards people who are having meat , ice cream etc and not for once thinking where it is all coming from!
I admit I was like that a few months back too, but then I shudder every time i realize where the food I am eating is coming from. A bag of chips definitely has some kind of meat / fish flavour or milk ingredient. Ice cream, chocolates, cookies everything has some kind of animal product involved.

Here are a lot of videos to change your mind about eating meat/ animals in general :

Plus I personally don’t have any bad habits apart from avoiding exercises regularly which are harmful to my general health. Intake of more vegetables is GOOD for your health.

How to go vegan in a few steps :
– UNDERSTAND the pain of animals. How would we feel if someone was torturing us?
– meat makes you fat

10 bad habits that harm you!

1. Showering with hot water on a daily basis is both bad for your hair and skin! Avoid as much as you can.
2. Not drinking enough water. I was a victim of this bad habit but I overcame it by setting an alarm clock in my phone so I am reminded to drink water.
3. Sugar ! This is my biggest problem and I am glad to announce that I have replaced my cravings with fruits! My favorite ones being ; watermelon , strawberries !
4. Not walking enough – I try to walk as much as I can and you should too.
5. Not using protection against sun ; sunblock and hats
6. Having red meat , it’s bad for your heart!
7. Spicing up your food – the blander the food, the healthier it is !
8. Oily stuff , a big no no ! Have it once a month and wait for the next month if you have cravings.
9. Snacking on cookies , chip etc – always snack on healthy things like fruits or salads.
10. Don’t buy juices , buy fruits and make your own juice – that way you also save money ! It’s healthier too!

Confessions of an underweight unfit girl

I am one of those people who is suppose to go for a morning run the following day but chooses to sleep in, then spends the day pleasing my sweet tooth. 
To be honest, I am underweight. I weigh quite less for my height but I do have fat. It’s not as visible to others (Thank God for lose clothing) but I would rather not have fat!
I have a lot of bad habits, a lot! 
– I have a problem, I can’t keep my hands off the cookie jar!
– My tomorrow never comes!
– I do not drink water.
– I am always slacking when I am supposed to be in the gym. 
– I CANNOT live without sweets, anything , I just need something sweet!

Do I not understand the consequences of my negligence? Of course I do! But as I said I always plan to do it “tomorrow” and it never happens! 
My other problem is, I would rather do other things. Somehow exercise is never on my top priority list although somewhere I do understand in order to live and stay focused I DO NEED TO EXERCISE!

My food habits? They are the worst. 


A new mantra!

Hi Beauties!
I figured out a new scrubbing method. See, I have never been a fan of expensive products as I believe they only do their job temporarily.
I recommend mixing olive oil with sugar and massaging it on your face for 5 minutes.
It works , trust me.
I used to use St.Ives scrub but then I don’t have faith in chemicals anymore.
Probably, it’s the effect of me being a vegetarian now.


Do you ever get angry on your genes? I don’t seem to have inherited any good qualities from either of my parent’s sides. I just seem to get all the negatives of their genes.
My dad and mom both had extremely weird chins. My mom has a double chin and it must have been passed down to me.
On my dad’s side, my aunts and my dad alike were never fat or overweight for that matter. But, all their fat is stored on the belly and upper arms. Same thing with me!
My dad was very fit, but I am not.
My mom on the other hand, has always had a good body for her age but my body shape seems to get worse everyday. Even if I exercise, look after my eating habits but my body keeps gaining weight.
My waist has gone from size 0 to size 3, which is the biggest failure of my life.

Hot Yoga VS Normal Yoga

I signed up for a hot yoga class at my local gym in the beginning of January. It was the worst decision of my life. You know why? While,  we did learn some Yoga basics in that hour but we would mostly be exhausted because of the heat rather than the Yoga itself. Also, did you know as good as Sauna / any other heat room feels good to your skin, they are actually pretty bad for your skin. I would sweat badly during hot yoga and in no time I had pimples! But, the good thing through Hot Yoga that happened to me was my appreciation for Yoga. When I took up Yoga in normal temperature, I loved it. More than I ever loved Hot Yoga.
If you are a beginner and want to give Yoga an honest try then I highly recommend downloading Iphone/ Ipod apps relating to Yoga.
A specific Yoga app which I love is named : Yoga (a woman is dressed in blue and is raising one hand to the sky while the other is set to the ground)
You can choose the workout, the timing and the workout level!
That is one amazing Yoga app!