My life of debt

I admit I have always had the easy way out. I worked at KFC for a few months, barely showed up and eventually quit the job. After that, I started my own business which is still going quiet well. I am not complaining , but I do need more money to get rid of debt, save up AND go on a vacation. 

Now , I need to find a job. But no one wants to give me a job because I don’t have enough experience for retail or food industry. 
If I never get the opportunity to work then how would I even gain experience? 
My best bet is to work at Mcdonalds but they serve meat and it just goes against my ethics. (I wasn’t vegan when I worked at KFC)
Anyway, so this is my plan to get out of debt. 

Save 50% of May 10th and May 11th ‘ s income. 
Pay $75 towards one card. 
Get a new job , and use income from that job solely to pay off debt. 

Do any of you have suggestions? My resume is VERY weak. I don’t have any experience. KFC won’t give me a great referral. 
So what can I do? 

Anyway, I will keep updating my debt issues for this blog. 
I currently owe $2000 in total. 


30 lessons I learned from my teens!

Friends, I am done my teens!
I am no longer a “teenager”.
I don’t know how I feel about this, because as I step into my 20s, I am still not in University but that’s okay. I am not the most academic person to begin with, things will fall into place eventually. I am just waiting for the “right moment”.
I wish there was a thing as “college anxiety”, because that’s exactly what I am having.
But, regardless of the status of my academic life I am still “DONE’ my teens. I am happy because my teenage years weren’t exactly positively memorable but a lot of negativity surrounded my life. Since last year, it’s been better though but I also feel I have learned everything I had to.

So here are 30 lessons I learned from my teens :
1. No matter what, your parents love you unconditionally
2. Your parents are not perfect, they make mistakes. Forgive them.
3. Everyone around you won’t treat you the way you’d like to be treated but that’s okay.
4. Too much skin show isn’t appreciated anywhere.
5. You are loved by many, despite your many flaws.
6. You are your biggest project, improve everyday.
7. Revenge is never the best option.
8. Customer service is the most important thing in your business. Treat your clients well.
9. You can definitely change the world. One step at a time!
10. You make many friends along the way, chances are they will be there till the end. School friends are always special!
11. Learn to not regret the past, at that moment it was all you wanted.
12. Your pets love you unconditionally.
13. Sleep.
14. When life gets hard , things change, true love remains the same (friends&family)
15. High school is the most drama you will ever experience, make the best out of it!
16. Take risks
17. Aim to be healthy, not skinny
18. Develop good habits ; drink green tea, go for a walk. The habits you develop now will follow you for the rest of your life.
19. Bullies are not cool.
20. Respect everyone regardless of their profession.
21. Men like the heroes of Nicholas Sparks novels do exist but you won’t meet them until you’re 25, so relax.
22. Your Ipod is your best friend.
23. Desserts are worth every penny.
24. Try not to waste your gym membership and ACTUALLY GO to the gym.
25. Looking younger than you are is not always a disadvantage.
26. Know yourself
27. Your interests will change, it’s all a part of growing up
28. Money matters but it isn’t everything.
29. If people can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you.
30. Don’t expect, ever.


10 bad habits that harm you!

1. Showering with hot water on a daily basis is both bad for your hair and skin! Avoid as much as you can.
2. Not drinking enough water. I was a victim of this bad habit but I overcame it by setting an alarm clock in my phone so I am reminded to drink water.
3. Sugar ! This is my biggest problem and I am glad to announce that I have replaced my cravings with fruits! My favorite ones being ; watermelon , strawberries !
4. Not walking enough – I try to walk as much as I can and you should too.
5. Not using protection against sun ; sunblock and hats
6. Having red meat , it’s bad for your heart!
7. Spicing up your food – the blander the food, the healthier it is !
8. Oily stuff , a big no no ! Have it once a month and wait for the next month if you have cravings.
9. Snacking on cookies , chip etc – always snack on healthy things like fruits or salads.
10. Don’t buy juices , buy fruits and make your own juice – that way you also save money ! It’s healthier too!

Deep into thinking

I love to think a lot. But, the question that I could never find an answer to was “Are Human Beings Born Good Or Evil?”. I might have opposing views on this topic but I have reached the conclusion that we are indeed born GOOD. Our standards of good and bad are set by our surroundings. For instance, here, in Canada we are always emphasizing on equal rights between men and women. We are always trying to avoid circumstances where we might stand out as prejudice. But, in many countries, even in the 21st century , women are not allowed to leave their houses without their brothers,husband or father. While, we might think of the latter as “unfair” but the ones creating these rules think they are completely just. We are in no position to determine who is wrong and who is right as our own views may be biased with what we’ve experienced.
After a lot of thinking , I decided that the real base of our values are the religions that different people have faith in.
My blog post is not central around whether I believe in the existence of God or not. But, I would like to express my views briefly. I do not have the slightest idea as to which faith I should believe in. But, for all I know, there is someone/something that created us.
Religion plays a vital role in setting standards for us as to what is right and what is wrong. Bible is the world’s most read book. I read a few pages of the bible and I realized that the Bible has a profound influence on the western culture.
I have tried reading most religious books possible. All I know is that if you try to pick up the right message from the books, you will shine. I have complains about the faith my family follows. But, that religion has a lot of good things to teach to.
Human – Selfish – Crime- Evil
That is how our world today is. I really think, deep down, the main cause of our problems are selfishness of people. From childhood, we are always taught to be generous but also “look out for ourselves”.