Loss of a loved one

Today marks my father’s second death anniversary. Two years ago, 20th February, at 6 am my mom answered a call telling her my father passed away. My mom screamed ” what will happen to my kids?” and hung up. I will never forget that day. A part of me knew it was true but a part of me knew he was no longer alive. If anyone told me that day , two years to that day I will be writing about it on a blogpost I would never have believed them. That phone call, the news, my mom’s loud cries and my brother’s teary eyes are still clearly visible to me in my memories but I try to be as strong as I can.
Whoever said that “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” was absolutely right. I became really strong. I know now that I will able to face any obstacle that comes my way. My father and I were really close. I never imagined what life would be like after he was gone. He was young too, he was 50 when he passed away and I was stepping on the 17th year of my life.
That is when I knew I was going to cry a whole lot, I was always going to miss my father and I am helpless because I cannot do anything to bring him back.
The last two years after my dad left was difficult. I was always under the pressure of living up to my dad’s expectations. I have not been successful yet but I know that if I am alive there must be some reason behind it. I know that my dad’s death didn’t kill me I was meant to be much stronger than I thought was.
I wrote this blog post today because I know as I am writing this , many people around the world are losing a loved one. But, time is the best healer. While you will not completely heal, ever, but you will learn to control your tears.
My dad was the best dad in the world. He was a liberal parent and always thought that the best way to be good parents to your kids were by being their friends. My dad, my friend, my best friend and my a huge part of my life – I miss you dad. I hope that wherever you are today you are happy.