30 lessons I learned from my teens!

Friends, I am done my teens!
I am no longer a “teenager”.
I don’t know how I feel about this, because as I step into my 20s, I am still not in University but that’s okay. I am not the most academic person to begin with, things will fall into place eventually. I am just waiting for the “right moment”.
I wish there was a thing as “college anxiety”, because that’s exactly what I am having.
But, regardless of the status of my academic life I am still “DONE’ my teens. I am happy because my teenage years weren’t exactly positively memorable but a lot of negativity surrounded my life. Since last year, it’s been better though but I also feel I have learned everything I had to.

So here are 30 lessons I learned from my teens :
1. No matter what, your parents love you unconditionally
2. Your parents are not perfect, they make mistakes. Forgive them.
3. Everyone around you won’t treat you the way you’d like to be treated but that’s okay.
4. Too much skin show isn’t appreciated anywhere.
5. You are loved by many, despite your many flaws.
6. You are your biggest project, improve everyday.
7. Revenge is never the best option.
8. Customer service is the most important thing in your business. Treat your clients well.
9. You can definitely change the world. One step at a time!
10. You make many friends along the way, chances are they will be there till the end. School friends are always special!
11. Learn to not regret the past, at that moment it was all you wanted.
12. Your pets love you unconditionally.
13. Sleep.
14. When life gets hard , things change, true love remains the same (friends&family)
15. High school is the most drama you will ever experience, make the best out of it!
16. Take risks
17. Aim to be healthy, not skinny
18. Develop good habits ; drink green tea, go for a walk. The habits you develop now will follow you for the rest of your life.
19. Bullies are not cool.
20. Respect everyone regardless of their profession.
21. Men like the heroes of Nicholas Sparks novels do exist but you won’t meet them until you’re 25, so relax.
22. Your Ipod is your best friend.
23. Desserts are worth every penny.
24. Try not to waste your gym membership and ACTUALLY GO to the gym.
25. Looking younger than you are is not always a disadvantage.
26. Know yourself
27. Your interests will change, it’s all a part of growing up
28. Money matters but it isn’t everything.
29. If people can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you.
30. Don’t expect, ever.



I am grateful for …

Okay so I was having a very rough day , I mean as I mentioned in my earlier post I was having guy problems so I ended up going crazy today . However now I’m trying to make peace with myself

Now I’m actually making a list of all the things I’m grateful for , everything I can remember . I am grateful ;
For having my parents , they are the best parents ever
For my brother , he is my best friend
For my extended family, they love me so much
For my little cousins , they make me happy
For living in the best country possible
For working on my own and making decent money
For friends I can count on
For days I’m happy
For days I’m sad because I’m motivated to pull myself back together
For being vegan
For knowing all that I know
For my clients / people I work with
For being Bangladeshi
For the tv shows I watch
For netflix
For my iPad
For my MacBook
For my purple iPod which is 6 years old and still running
For my beautiful cat
For my tea collection
For library
For bookstores I can spend hours at
For stumble upon
For Pinterest
For experiences which made me a better person
For my mistakes
For 17 years I got to spend with my dad
For romantic novels
For gossip girl
For having the ability to dream
For the five senses that work
For being short , I don’t look my age
For crosswords
For Hindi serials
For Bollywood
For my makeup collection
For my straightener
For getting to know so many different cultures through my job
For twitter
For those memories my dad left behind
For my nailpolish collection
For the fact that my mom loves my cat
For the fact that I know names of my neighbours dogs
For whole foods
For vegan ice cream
For tempeh and tofu
For having minimum cooking skills
For the properly baked vegan cupcakes I make
For having access to the gym
For having a place to call home
For having clean water
For terrible Canadian weather , at least I am warm at home
For warm winter clothing
For my cat’s purrs
For different toys I buy katy
For winter boots
For good food
For fruits
For one tree hill
For new girl
For chick lits and chick flicks
For YouTube
For my crappy blackberry , at least I’ve a phone
For snowfall
For dollar stores
For being healthy and disease free
For good music
For sarah dessen and Nicholas sparks
For kijiji
For gaining weight because I’m motivated to be fit
For those days I sing and everyone is scared at my house
For washing machines and dryers
For stars
For Starbucks and when they serve soy milk
For firefighters , cops , doctors, engineers , nurses and everyone who keeps us safe
For having the ability
For wordpress
For rants and raves

Checklist- 1st birthday parties

So , I was going through all the photos I have taken over the last year and this year , thought of coming up with a checklist. This will be a good practice if you’re doing first birthday photographs for your friend’s child or just some cousin. Everyone from beginners to absolutely professionals can use this! 

Birthday Boy/ Girl alone by themselves. – THIS IS MAJOR. Most of the times, the kids are really grumpy , so if you catch them smiling lean in and focus , I promise you it will be a great shot. Keep clicking. Try gathering balloons or anything else that might hold the kid’s interest for a while and force him/ her to look at the camera! 

Birthday Girl/ Boy with Dad ( Candids) – Dads are usually the ones who are running around with the kid so in a great moment do a few candids. Try catching smiles and wave the baby’s toys if necessary so he/she smiles. 

Birthday Girl/ boy with Mom ( Candids) – Whether the kid is tugging at the mum’s sleeve or just hugging her , they usually call for great moments. Capture it. Always look out for mom ! 

Birthday Girl/ boy with Grandparents – this is the cutest, always! try a few posed shots as well as candids.

Birthday Girl/ boy’s reaction to the entertainment (magicians , clowns) – Always record their faces and make sure they go stand by the clown / magician ! 

Birthday Girl/ boy’s Crawling or Walking – I have covered 2-3 birthdays where the 1 year olds can walk but if they don’t , always document them crawling! That calls for the cutest photos. 

Birthday Girl/ Boy with other kids – These are probably the cutest photos of all. Try to have few posed shots and more natural shots. 
I always try to make sure, years later the photos reflect the baby’s personality !

Birthday Girl/ Boy blowing the candle , cutting the cake, and looking at the cake : Again, these are shots you shouldn’t miss. 

Try getting shots of Birthday boy/ girl with almost every guest. 
Insist on getting shots of the guests who are attending because first birthday is special , very special. 

Always ask the parents who the key members are and make sure the baby has individual photos with all of them!  (No matter how cranky he/she is ) 

Random rant against my mom

My mom thinks I am the most irresponsible person ever yet she doesn’t want me to work? (photographing people). Regardless of how much I am earning (which is fairly low), my mom thinks I should just “concentrate” on my education. I don’t intend to go back to school before the next 6 months. So what should I study? 
Okay, and then today when I wanted to get a hot stone massage with my own money (she would kill me if I told her I was getting a massage for $125) , she heard me reserving a spot with the cashier at the spa. Of course, the girl thought she was just a mom “shopping” with her daughter, but when I was leaving the Spa and the girl told me when my appointment is, my mom quickly interrupted and said “take your card” and the cashier said “sure” and wrote down my appointment date and time. I don’t mind my mom but then she should really stop telling me I should be independent and never let me grow up. I was so embarrassed in front of the cashier. I wanted to cry.

whatever, i love my mom even if she gets on my nerves sometimes. 

Why I love shooting Weddings!

I have often been asked WHY I love shooting weddings when other sectors of photography have more opportunities. Before I begin my post, let me tell you I am completely against people spending a hefty sum on their weddings BUT I love weddings as long as they are fun and not done to show off. As a wedding photographer, we have to meet many kinds of people, shoot different cultures, listen to different love stories and sometimes arranged marriage stories.
My love for wedding photography is very straight forward : it is capturing a person entering a new life with a new partner. Weddings are amazing because every emotion is so genuine. When the bride smiles, she is smiling because she is happy not because she is a model for my photo shoot. When the groom smiles, he is smiling because he adores the bride. When they look at each other, they are just happy.
The other thing I love about weddings is the family bonding. I love how in that one event how you get to see so many relationships, so many emotions, so many smiles and so many tears of joy.
The best part and my favourite part about wedding photography is the trust our clients show in us. It is a special moment, and they trust us with life, we have no opportunity to mess up and I can VERY confidently say after the officiant our job is the most important jobs in weddings.

My daughter’s problem

My first daughter who happens to have 4 legs is driving me crazyyy !!
She naps every time and wants more food. For instance she ate 9 times today.
She keeps crying and annoying my mom until she gets her way.
But it’s getting way too much , I don’t mind giving her food but she is eating too much which can be unhealthy.
I got dry food , canned food, have a separate shelf for her food.
I give her different things every time but something is off.