Checklist- 1st birthday parties

So , I was going through all the photos I have taken over the last year and this year , thought of coming up with a checklist. This will be a good practice if you’re doing first birthday photographs for your friend’s child or just some cousin. Everyone from beginners to absolutely professionals can use this! 

Birthday Boy/ Girl alone by themselves. – THIS IS MAJOR. Most of the times, the kids are really grumpy , so if you catch them smiling lean in and focus , I promise you it will be a great shot. Keep clicking. Try gathering balloons or anything else that might hold the kid’s interest for a while and force him/ her to look at the camera! 

Birthday Girl/ Boy with Dad ( Candids) – Dads are usually the ones who are running around with the kid so in a great moment do a few candids. Try catching smiles and wave the baby’s toys if necessary so he/she smiles. 

Birthday Girl/ boy with Mom ( Candids) – Whether the kid is tugging at the mum’s sleeve or just hugging her , they usually call for great moments. Capture it. Always look out for mom ! 

Birthday Girl/ boy with Grandparents – this is the cutest, always! try a few posed shots as well as candids.

Birthday Girl/ boy’s reaction to the entertainment (magicians , clowns) – Always record their faces and make sure they go stand by the clown / magician ! 

Birthday Girl/ boy’s Crawling or Walking – I have covered 2-3 birthdays where the 1 year olds can walk but if they don’t , always document them crawling! That calls for the cutest photos. 

Birthday Girl/ Boy with other kids – These are probably the cutest photos of all. Try to have few posed shots and more natural shots. 
I always try to make sure, years later the photos reflect the baby’s personality !

Birthday Girl/ Boy blowing the candle , cutting the cake, and looking at the cake : Again, these are shots you shouldn’t miss. 

Try getting shots of Birthday boy/ girl with almost every guest. 
Insist on getting shots of the guests who are attending because first birthday is special , very special. 

Always ask the parents who the key members are and make sure the baby has individual photos with all of them!  (No matter how cranky he/she is ) 


Writing after a month!

Hi my dear readers, 
I am mostly on my Ipad these days hence I do not end up writing blog posts because I absolutely dislike writing blog posts from my iPad.
For the past month, my life was quite boring, I really didn’t have anything to blog about. 

But this is my October update :
I am watching new tv shows ; The Tomorrow People, Trophy Wife, Reign, Betrayal

I was disappointed with Glee, I wanted Cory’s life to be honoured not his character’s hence I will not be watching it anymore. 

Had 1 bad experience with a client , and thereafter decided to not take on people without referrals. 

I am still working on my reading resolution , I was supposed to finish 200 books but I only finished 46 books. I am wondering how I will be able to finish the remaining books by December 31st!! 

Photography is for everyone!

I think if I can take “okay” photos , anyone can. 
The thing is though people think photography is simple as it only requires a good enough camera and basic editing skills.
But things get complex when you look deeper into it. 
Photography goes beyond the “good camera” when you have to keep investing on lens, camera bodies, memory cards, batteries etc. 
Also, for instance, you are into wedding photography or family events photography like me you will see that event photography is far more complex than people actually let on. 
People will come to you and say “can we have a photo please” while there will be others who would just notice you and shy away from the camera. 
In this very long process, you will also come across people from different mindsets, backgrounds and traditions. 
People assume “brown” people are all alike and they have same rituals. But the reality is, I learn everyday from every event I do. 
In my year of experience , I was very lucky to not come across obnoxious clients. I did have a few “demanding” clients but they are very sweet and I am still in touch with them. 
As a regular event photographer, the only advice I can ever give any aspiring event photographer is to do everything that comes your way. 
Do everything YOUR way, don’t copy anyone’s ideas or concepts. There are some famous wedding poses but I always try to capture the real happiness on the bride and groom’s faces not the posed one. 
I mostly focus on candids, I let them pose here and there but my main focus is never that. 
I also think photography classes can’t teach you anything. Only experience can teach you, and you better understand your camera. 

TIPS on being a female photographer!

Well in my experience as a female photographer, I have been truly blessed to have mostly respectful clients but in more than one occasion I have had to deal with a guest hitting on me or asking me to dance. So what to do in such situations? Also, because of my height and baby face people don’t take me very seriously. In the last 11 months, I have learned to overcome such situations. I have also made sure my gender, and my looks don’t determine my ability.

First and Foremost :
– Dress normally, if not professionally. I put minimal makeup, conceal blemishes, try to look well groomed. I mostly wear jeans and a shirt.
– Don’t try to look attractive, try to look approachable.

– When you are confirming a deal always show professionalism.
– Avoid talks about your age
– If someone is trying to flirt with you, or ask you to dance TURN THEM DOWN NICELY. I have turned people down in my “sweetest” way. I reply ” smile please” and take a photo.
– Always have a smile on, but make sure you look serious about your job.
– Don’t take “breaks”. Stay on your feet as much as possible.
– If you are bothered by a certain incident, don’t let that show.

– There will always be outrageous requests from clients and it may be hard for you to fulfill them , turn them down nicely and remind them about your contract again (nicely)

Why I love shooting Weddings!

I have often been asked WHY I love shooting weddings when other sectors of photography have more opportunities. Before I begin my post, let me tell you I am completely against people spending a hefty sum on their weddings BUT I love weddings as long as they are fun and not done to show off. As a wedding photographer, we have to meet many kinds of people, shoot different cultures, listen to different love stories and sometimes arranged marriage stories.
My love for wedding photography is very straight forward : it is capturing a person entering a new life with a new partner. Weddings are amazing because every emotion is so genuine. When the bride smiles, she is smiling because she is happy not because she is a model for my photo shoot. When the groom smiles, he is smiling because he adores the bride. When they look at each other, they are just happy.
The other thing I love about weddings is the family bonding. I love how in that one event how you get to see so many relationships, so many emotions, so many smiles and so many tears of joy.
The best part and my favourite part about wedding photography is the trust our clients show in us. It is a special moment, and they trust us with life, we have no opportunity to mess up and I can VERY confidently say after the officiant our job is the most important jobs in weddings.

How important is the lens you use?

Hi guys ,
So here comes another post from me after having ice cream today , which I swore off but okay weekend came to an end and so did my unhealthy food consumption.
But today I wanted to discuss how important is a VERY expensive camera (canon 5D mark III) for instance (which I’m completely gaga over).
I am mostly into shooting portraits and weddings. I barely do any of those sessions where I’d need a wide angle lens. Though for engagement shoots , having one would be nice but I try to work around my very basic Canon T3i with a 18-55mm lens. Though the quality isn’t as nice as more expensive cameras but as I shoot people and as long as they look good my photos come out good, it all works out. I have been very blessed to be paid for shooting with such a basic camera but my theory is one should always learn what they’re doing with a basic camera and then jump on to more expensive ones. Having a wedding gear with expensive bodies and lenses would be nice but as long as I don’t muster my hobby I am not heading for it!