My life of debt

I admit I have always had the easy way out. I worked at KFC for a few months, barely showed up and eventually quit the job. After that, I started my own business which is still going quiet well. I am not complaining , but I do need more money to get rid of debt, save up AND go on a vacation. 

Now , I need to find a job. But no one wants to give me a job because I don’t have enough experience for retail or food industry. 
If I never get the opportunity to work then how would I even gain experience? 
My best bet is to work at Mcdonalds but they serve meat and it just goes against my ethics. (I wasn’t vegan when I worked at KFC)
Anyway, so this is my plan to get out of debt. 

Save 50% of May 10th and May 11th ‘ s income. 
Pay $75 towards one card. 
Get a new job , and use income from that job solely to pay off debt. 

Do any of you have suggestions? My resume is VERY weak. I don’t have any experience. KFC won’t give me a great referral. 
So what can I do? 

Anyway, I will keep updating my debt issues for this blog. 
I currently owe $2000 in total. 


The Power of Positive- Small celebrations

Hi dear readers,
Now let me begin my boring post with saying how much I missed writing for the last few days. But, this time has been so incredibly difficult (life complications). Anyway, so today happens to be a beautiful day and I thought it may be the perfect day to share something I read today.

As a result of my withdrawal from the outer world my mom had been so worried at the beginning of this year she gave me “Chicken Soup for the soul Power of Positive” as a New Years gift. Of course,I  was meaning to read it but never got around to it. I did today though.

So there was a certain chapter where the writers wants us to celebrate small things that we usually tend to ignore. Now I really have much deeper issues like debt, academic problems that I really don’t see any reason for small celebrations. But then I realized I have been so blessed to get a few weddings and birthdays as photography assignments  here and there DESPITE having a VERY basic camera.

Oh and then today, I paid $100 towards my $600 credit card bill (which was originally $300 but interests doubled it up). So now, I still have $500 to pay towards that card and many more to pay towards other debts but it is a step right? And I believe this will be the beginning.

So I thought of celebrating this with my readers, who would probably understand my situation best.


I don’t even earn $50 a week. I don’t know how I am supposed to pay off my bills. OMG! I have an outstanding balance of $400 in one of my cards and it’s badly affecting my credit history. Sometimes I feel the urge of going and confessing my money handling issues to my mother but I don’t want to prove to my mom how worthless I am. It was only the other day that I told her I was going to be “independent”.
Nothing is working out. I don’t know what I should do anymore.


Okay so I am on debt. If I ask my mother to pay it off she will but I really don’t want to get into that. I am old enough now, aren’t I? 
The fact is, I don’t like working under people hence I try to earn money on my own abilities. The job I have right now pays about 7 per hour. It does not require serious labor so I am okay.
The problem I am facing now is I don’t earn enough to pay it all. I am on debt well over $2100. The amount is not really a large sum but I don’t know how I will earn it all. 

Your life does not suck!

You know whose life sucks? The kid who is begging on the streets just to have a piece of bread. You know whose life sucks? The kids who are orphans.
You know whose life sucks? The mother who lost her baby.
You know whose life sucks? The mother whose child died.
You know whose life sucks? The kids are who are being trafficked and being used as sex slaves.
You know whose life sucks? The kids who are working as domestic workers.

Do me a favour don’t rant on your life because your father is not buying you a new car. Don’t blabber and eat my ears out because your girlfriend left you. Trust me, you’re better off than millions. Consider yourself fortunate.

Debt !

Despite of my wise poses on materialism and showing off, I have to admit that I have given into the north american life of materialism. That said, the spending phase was about 3 months ago. After that whole thing, I took a break from my materialistic ways and I am happy going into other worlds through books and television for now. I owe my bank, credit card company close to $2100. I am looking for a job but since I quit KFC suddenly , reference isn’t working out well. I am looking for jobs and jobs and jobs but no luck.
I can easily ask my mom to pay off and she will be glad to but since she already paid off $6000 four months ago I think it will not be fair to ask her again.
So I figured out some ways of saving money when I am earning (right now I am not)
– save $100 a week
– start paying off credit card companies slowly
– cut back on luxury (buying starbucks, donuts, ice cream)
– save money by walking to places
– save money by drinking water instead of soda
– understand the consequences of having a bad credit history

My concerns

I will try my best to not sound like a mother in this post. But, I cannot refrain from judging the “improvements” around me. I will love to stress the word “improvements”. If I tell you that I am technologically challenged I will not be completely wrong. Sure, I know how to open my internet browser but I am not least bit aware of the many functions of computers, etc. That being said, my concern is, I am only 19 now (old for many I know) but years from now, when I will have my own kids I cannot imagine them being super dependant on Google voice and the internet. I am quite certain ten years from now library will probably be only digital. While all these improvements are making life easy , t I really think in the long run they will only have a negative impact on us. Come to think of it, almost everything is online now. People find it unnecessary to purchase paperback copies of books because they think they have it anyway (count me in on that). Having accepted the changes, I am also worried about whether our conveniences going to be inconvenient for the future generations. Everything is in our hands if we are on our computer. This is only crippling us. This is making us lazy.