Debt !

Despite of my wise poses on materialism and showing off, I have to admit that I have given into the north american life of materialism. That said, the spending phase was about 3 months ago. After that whole thing, I took a break from my materialistic ways and I am happy going into other worlds through books and television for now. I owe my bank, credit card company close to $2100. I am looking for a job but since I quit KFC suddenly , reference isn’t working out well. I am looking for jobs and jobs and jobs but no luck.
I can easily ask my mom to pay off and she will be glad to but since she already paid off $6000 four months ago I think it will not be fair to ask her again.
So I figured out some ways of saving money when I am earning (right now I am not)
– save $100 a week
– start paying off credit card companies slowly
– cut back on luxury (buying starbucks, donuts, ice cream)
– save money by walking to places
– save money by drinking water instead of soda
– understand the consequences of having a bad credit history