Love love love!

I am on my 9th Sarah Dessen book. 
I only have to read That Summer, Just Listen (currently reading) , The moon and more among her books. 
I can’t wait to read all of her books, I am her biggest fan ❤ 


Lock and Key- Sarah Dessen – A life changing book

I was so hesitant when I began reading this book. I never read any of Dessen’s book hence was completely clueless as to what to expect. But , I fell in love with this book and even after 2-3 weeks of finishing it I think of it.

The story is about Ruby, coming from an abusive mother she does not want to do anything with her life, well surviving is her only motive. But, her well to do sister Cora suddenly gets her responsibility. Cora’s husband, Jamie is a very sweet guy who is extremely supportive of Ruby.

Nick is Cora’s neighbour, wealthy, good looking but he is holding something back.

Dessen impressed me so much that I already have two of her other books in paperbacks and she is definitely one of my first choices when it comes to reading now.

I HIGHLY recommend this book.

The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

I do not know what got into me when I added “read all Nicholas S books” to my Pinterest bucket list. 
But, I do not really regret my decision. I love him, his books, and I love how he believes in love. It’s good to know men believe in love, and Nicholas S is one of those guys who make me restore my faith in men. 
However, having said that The Notebook was a BIG disappointment. 

I have a difference in opinion then that of Nicholas. He believes love can happen at any age and it can be strong love, the love which one can’t raise a finger at. 
But I felt like banging my head on my Ipod reading Noah and Allie’s story. 

My first problem with the book was I couldn’t get past 10 pages  in the beginning. I had to literally force myself to read it. The book was short but long only because I found it to be extraordinarily boring.  Allie was 15, Noah was 17 they met after 12 years , spent 2 days together and Allie dumped her fiancee to be with him. Someone please kill me. I found no logic in their story.

I did find like the book only when Noah was the old man visiting his wife Allie who is suffering from Amnesia. It’s a book which will make you realize nothing lasts forever. I just wish the story of Noah and Allie was stronger. But I liked the older people’s story , I cried at one point, and I love Nicholas only because you can NEVER fully hate a book. At one point, you will fall in love with the book. 

Nets and Lies – Katie Ashley (review)

I fell in love with the author, Katie Ashley, after reading her books “The Proposition” and “The Proposal”. Though, those stories were very ordinary but it was VERY romantic. When I searched Katie Ashley on epubbud, I found nets and lies hence I downloaded it on my Ipod ( yes, I read on my Ipod). Little did I expect to fall in love with this book so much! I literally finished the book in a few hours.
Katie Ashley’s previous books which I read were so romantic and the woman has real talent for writing romance. I never quite expected her to tackle an issue as grave as sexual abuse and bullying but when she did, I was nothing but impressed.
The book is from two viewpoints. Melanie and Jordan, who couldn’t be anymore different than each other. Jordan is the popular, known as a “slut” girl whereas Melanie is the captain of the school’s basketball team and also a great student. Melanie is the “star” of the school whereas Jordan frequently gets in trouble.
Before I read the book, I hoped to related to Melanie more than I did with Jordan but I ended up loving her character more. I should have hated her because ..oh well, you’ll know. But, I ended up loving her character the most. She is flawed yet she is loveable, and the more you read the book the more you’ll know why she is the way she is.
Melanie, is a victim who is afraid to speak up for what the society will say or what her boyfriend will say. I don’t blame her but this book gives you an insight into all of those victims’ lives who kept shut and while we think it’s easy for them to speak, it isn’t always.
I highly recommend this book. It is a well written, engaging book. Please do read it.

I really am growing up

To my astonishment, my mom announced how my birthday is exactly forty days away. Typically, I count days till my birthday. Even last year I was hyped up for my birthday. This year though, I even forgot my birthday was nearing. Reason? Well, I suppose I am not excited about being 19. My life is not exactly sorted you know. I should be in university now but I put it off. I should do something productive while my time off but oh well, I am mostly home reading chick lits and romantic novels. I think reading is much better than watching television. So to an extent, I am proud that I gave up on my obsession of television shows and being a couch potato. My university starts on September. To be honest, I am not looking forward to University. I find it all quite pointless. 4 years of schooling, a degree and then a job? Or as my original plan states I will enter law school at the age of 24. But, really I am seeing most of my dreams shattering in front of my eyes. I am in debt, my life is a mess, I cut off from most of my friends because well, they are all toxic. I cannot say I regret having no friends. But, I cannot say I want to spend the rest of my life in some law firm with a degree earning a few thousand bucks. I wish I could do what I wanted. Maybe life would be easier then. Maybe I would be more excited about my birthday.

John Green- The Fault In Our Stars

This is a book that will live with me for the rest of my life. I will remember Hazel when I meet a cancer patient. John Green is talented. I don’t think his talent requires my approval. As I was turning the pages I was just wondering how Green wrote this book. He provided specific details, I really appreciate all the research he has done. I remember reading somewhere that a reader can critique a book they read but not the book that the writer wrote.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to critique it.
However, I ended up rating this book 3/5.
This book will have a long lasting impact on me. There is absolutely no doubt.
I was just a little taken aback by Augustus’s dialogues. He is portrayed as a 17 year old. I really wonder if ANYONE talks like him. I know he is wounded. I know he is fighting for his life but his dialogues really bothered me.
The other problem I had was understanding HOW they fell in love with each other in a matter of few weeks. So much so that Hazel referred to their as the “star crossed love”. That is something I really don’t understand.
As a character Hazel was more understandable than Augustus. That is perhaps because we are reading Hazel’s perspective.
But, without these it was a great read. I will read Green’s other work. If you haven’t read it , you definitely should