My Star Sign : Taurus

I have mentioned previously about my ongoing research of Astrology. I have just began reading about my star sign, Taurus and quite surprisingly I did find a few similarities. The critique side of me is insisting constantly that it is a mere coincidence but then such accurate coincidence? We don’t have answers to all questions in life I will leave it at that 

Taurus : 
Good Family Providers
Slow To Anger but if provoked they can be vile and violent
Extremely possessive, both in love and possessions. 
Excellent Cooks
Security is paramount for Taureans
Stubborn if others oppose them
Committed and Loyal

Love and career :
Taureans want their romantic partners to share their love of food and good things in life. They also need someone who is tactile and supportive. Capricon understand their need of security.
Their keen senses could be well employed within the catering or beauty industries, or arts.

Keywords : practical, sensual, loyal, stubborn, possessive, reliable