Checklist- 1st birthday parties

So , I was going through all the photos I have taken over the last year and this year , thought of coming up with a checklist. This will be a good practice if you’re doing first birthday photographs for your friend’s child or just some cousin. Everyone from beginners to absolutely professionals can use this! 

Birthday Boy/ Girl alone by themselves. – THIS IS MAJOR. Most of the times, the kids are really grumpy , so if you catch them smiling lean in and focus , I promise you it will be a great shot. Keep clicking. Try gathering balloons or anything else that might hold the kid’s interest for a while and force him/ her to look at the camera! 

Birthday Girl/ Boy with Dad ( Candids) – Dads are usually the ones who are running around with the kid so in a great moment do a few candids. Try catching smiles and wave the baby’s toys if necessary so he/she smiles. 

Birthday Girl/ boy with Mom ( Candids) – Whether the kid is tugging at the mum’s sleeve or just hugging her , they usually call for great moments. Capture it. Always look out for mom ! 

Birthday Girl/ boy with Grandparents – this is the cutest, always! try a few posed shots as well as candids.

Birthday Girl/ boy’s reaction to the entertainment (magicians , clowns) – Always record their faces and make sure they go stand by the clown / magician ! 

Birthday Girl/ boy’s Crawling or Walking – I have covered 2-3 birthdays where the 1 year olds can walk but if they don’t , always document them crawling! That calls for the cutest photos. 

Birthday Girl/ Boy with other kids – These are probably the cutest photos of all. Try to have few posed shots and more natural shots. 
I always try to make sure, years later the photos reflect the baby’s personality !

Birthday Girl/ Boy blowing the candle , cutting the cake, and looking at the cake : Again, these are shots you shouldn’t miss. 

Try getting shots of Birthday boy/ girl with almost every guest. 
Insist on getting shots of the guests who are attending because first birthday is special , very special. 

Always ask the parents who the key members are and make sure the baby has individual photos with all of them!  (No matter how cranky he/she is ) 


20 questions to ask couples before their wedding (photography)

Some questions may seem personal but consider asking them because wedding photography is special and you want the photos to reflect their love for each other

1. How long are you guys together for?
2. How long have you been planning the wedding for?
3. Are you happy with the preparations so far?
4. What did you always hope your wedding day would be like?
5. Are you guys comfortable together on photos?
6. Are you happy with each other?
7. Do you forget everything when you look at your partner?
8. Marriage is a big decision and you will trust each other with this , are you nervous?
9. Are both of you having the same vision about your wedding photos , would you like them sexy, sweet , beautiful or a blend of everything?
10. Are you comfortable kissing for the camera ?
11. Are you comfortable striking poses which may feel awkward ?
12. You do understand your wedding photographer will spend the most important day of your life with you, is there anything they should know ; annoying guests who could block photos, or photos you wouldn’t like taken of etc.
13. Are you excited about the whole experience? Wedding is a celebration but marriage is a journey, are you happy to share it with your partner?
14. What’s one thing your partner says that makes you blush?
15. What is the best thing your partner has ever done for you ?
16. 50 years from now, you will be showing these photos to your grandkids. What story would you like to tell through these photos?
17. Do you laugh at each other’s jokes?
18. Are you ticklish ? (important to ask because a ticklish moment can bring the best photos)
19. The first word that comes to your mind when you think of your partner ?
20 . When I say your partner’s name , how do you see them?

Some might ask why I ask so many personal questions, it’s because you need to understand where they stand as a couple to bring out the best in them.

TIPS on being a female photographer!

Well in my experience as a female photographer, I have been truly blessed to have mostly respectful clients but in more than one occasion I have had to deal with a guest hitting on me or asking me to dance. So what to do in such situations? Also, because of my height and baby face people don’t take me very seriously. In the last 11 months, I have learned to overcome such situations. I have also made sure my gender, and my looks don’t determine my ability.

First and Foremost :
– Dress normally, if not professionally. I put minimal makeup, conceal blemishes, try to look well groomed. I mostly wear jeans and a shirt.
– Don’t try to look attractive, try to look approachable.

– When you are confirming a deal always show professionalism.
– Avoid talks about your age
– If someone is trying to flirt with you, or ask you to dance TURN THEM DOWN NICELY. I have turned people down in my “sweetest” way. I reply ” smile please” and take a photo.
– Always have a smile on, but make sure you look serious about your job.
– Don’t take “breaks”. Stay on your feet as much as possible.
– If you are bothered by a certain incident, don’t let that show.

– There will always be outrageous requests from clients and it may be hard for you to fulfill them , turn them down nicely and remind them about your contract again (nicely)

My life’s biggest problem


So I found out some ways to lessen the problem

1. Avoid drinking too much water. There is a fine difference between staying hydrated and stuffed with too much water. Too much water can make your cheek area swell which makes your cheeks look even chubbier.

2. Cut down Sugar ! My biggest bad habit is sugar ! I am a dessert lover ! But if you need sugar , pour a tbsp sugar in water and drink up. Avoid anything sugary for the rest of the day.

3. DIET : I know we have heard this ever since we were born, but the truth is more vegetables less oil, less salt can reduce puffiness.

4. Any exercise with high intensity : my personal favorites are fat burning exercises ! They are more intense which is harder but every bead of sweat is worth it.

5. Fruits : fruits are great to snack on, replace fruits as occasional snacks.

10 beauty tips

10 things I definitely learned while working as a makeup artist :

– moisturizer is as good as primer for oily skin. If you have an oily skin refrain from putting in a primer. If you do need the reassurance, use very little primer.

– concealer is a great highlighter, but highlighter is NOT a concealer!

– eye primer is a must !

– sponge applicators are lifesavers

– darker the skin tone , tone down on the blush

– your skin’s health can be well understood by anyone if you don’t do a good job, first the eyes and then the face!

– contouring should only be done on the temples and parts of your cheek area depending on the kind of cheekbones you have !

– if you want to look naturally pretty , don’t use highlighters and visible shaded blushes

– avoid using lipstick and lipgloss together , mostly the colors look plastic

– while applying foundation, always apply downward

4 great ways of researching for writing!

– Children’s books  : Information is precise and simple. Most children’s books will give you all the information you need on a specific topic.
– Self Help books : Whether you require information on problems related to alcohol or abusive parents , these books will help you a great deal.
– On the internet, there are newsgroups. If you need information on  a certain topic you will be able to find them.
– Newspapers, magazines work as great inspirations for characters. There are incidents on the magazines or newspapers which can influence your character.