7 things vegans are tired of

1. People’s amazement every time you mention you’re vegan
2. When people ask you the reason and if you say “for animals” , you are done 
3. The question “HOW DO YOU SURVIVE” 
4. “What is that? (vegan)
5. Your nearest grocery store will not have any good vegan options. 
6. Dairy free ice creams / desserts are rare and can only be made by special order
7. “So what do you eat?”


25 reasons to go vegan

1. For the animals 
2. For better health 
3. To be disease free (swine flu free) 
4. To expand your horizons ( know more fruits and vegetables) 
5. To try new ways of cooking and baking
6. To stop contributing to the cruelty towards animals by dairy/ fashion / meat / egg industries
7. For better skin
8. To practice self control
9. To learn more about different cultures who practice vegan lifestyle
10. To go more DIY
11. To control your processed food intake
12. To eliminate stereotypes about veganism
13. To expand creativity 
14. You will learn to be obsessed with reading ingredients on the back of anything packaged 
15. To annoy servers at restaurants by asking them if anything contains egg or dairy 
16. To stand out
17. To challenge yourself
18 . To embrace a new lifestyle
19 . To expand knowledge on animal cruelty 
20. To know more about vegan diets and foods eg. beans, lentils, nuts
21. For self satisfaction
22. To explore new vegeterian / vegan restaurants 
23. To be bombarded by “protein intake” questions by friends and family
24. To save approximately 100 animals per year by not eating them
25. To be happier, healthier, more confident 

Why being a Muslim vegan is difficult

As my name already suggests, I am a Muslim (or my family is) . I am having issues with faith right now, but my name automatically makes me Muslim , on top of that I am brown and have an accent. Needless to say, whenever I am somewhere ordering food, people ask me why I don’t take dairy/ meat I reply saying because I am vegan. Then I hear why I should eat meat and that meat (as long as it’s HALAL) is permissible in Islam. I know better than to argue so I move on saying I love my cat and I couldn’t imagine someone killing her and eating her meat (in some cultures they do eat cats) so I gave up on meat and dairy altogether. I hear praises but I do hear lectures, not that I mind because everyone in my family are meat lovers I am the black sheep of the family who protests against meat or dairy! 
I think Islam teaches us to be compassionate , and to love the planet and every kind of living thing there is. I sin a lot , but I think Allah will be happy . 

Why you should ABSOLUTELY go Vegan!

I know this is a free world and we are all entitled to our opinions but I am very judgemental towards people who are having meat , ice cream etc and not for once thinking where it is all coming from!
I admit I was like that a few months back too, but then I shudder every time i realize where the food I am eating is coming from. A bag of chips definitely has some kind of meat / fish flavour or milk ingredient. Ice cream, chocolates, cookies everything has some kind of animal product involved.

Here are a lot of videos to change your mind about eating meat/ animals in general :

Plus I personally don’t have any bad habits apart from avoiding exercises regularly which are harmful to my general health. Intake of more vegetables is GOOD for your health.

How to go vegan in a few steps :
– UNDERSTAND the pain of animals. How would we feel if someone was torturing us?
– meat makes you fat

Animal cruelty – How much is too much?

What did the poor chicken do to you? Why are you eating it? Does it not hurt when you even have a paper cut? Then why are you eating what’s been killed so they get money and you get food?
This is completely unfair, because they can’t speak are we superior to them? Stop animal cruelty. Stop horse riding! Have you ever imagined how much it would hurt to have 100 pound person on your back? Be a vegan, I know I will be killing plants too but I have to survive. But vegetables are safe, they have a lot of benefits! Animal cruelty is unacceptable. If an innocent person is being punished for a crime they did not commit, that’s unfair. Similarly a chicken/ cow/ deer/ or anything you get your meat from should not be killed. It is unfair.