7 things vegans are tired of

1. People’s amazement every time you mention you’re vegan
2. When people ask you the reason and if you say “for animals” , you are done 
3. The question “HOW DO YOU SURVIVE” 
4. “What is that? (vegan)
5. Your nearest grocery store will not have any good vegan options. 
6. Dairy free ice creams / desserts are rare and can only be made by special order
7. “So what do you eat?”


How my financial crises affected my sponsored children

So this is a post filled with regret and apologies. I feel so bad to let down my previous sponsored children.
I was going through a BAD financial time by the end of October. My credit cards were maxed, my debit had an overdraft, and I was also late making my payments to World Vision. I was sponsoring a boy from Bangladesh and a girl from Costa Rica.
(I did not borrow money from my mom, because I only wanted to pay from my OWN money). So there came the time of January when I sorted my debts (my mom paid them all) and I had outdone the limit again. Post January I was in this anti social, pro natural life etc. So , I basically didn’t work , I was only baby sitting a child for a few hours a week where I hardly got paid anything. Whatever I got paid, I paid towards my card with the highest interest.
Then, in June, something happened and I decided to get back to my photography business. I hardly make any money but good enough for myself. Now when I got paid + gifts from family etc I was able to clear somewhat of my debt.
I called World Vision and I asked to make all the payments , I was informed the children I was sponsoring was now taken by someone else. I was paying $80 a month ( I know the approaching season will be slow for my business) hence i decided to take up one child.
This time, I didn’t want to take any risks so I paid 4 months in advance ($150) hence I don’t have to worry about it till December. Isn’t that amazing?
So now i have decided I will put some money aside especially for my sponsored child so whenever I mess up my accounts it doesn’t affect her. I should be more responsible, so I already put one of my payments aside in my savings account ($35) but I have vowed to not touch it no matter how much I need it.

Why you should Sponsor a child ?

No matter how irresponsible you are (if you are more than me, which I highly doubt) I think you get the feeling that you have to do something for someone else. I mean granted I was late by 9 months but I still thought that money would eventually go to the kids so I made the payments.
Sponsoring a child will also give you the feeling of happiness. This year has been my worst year, well somewhat it was terrible but I think this part of my year makes me VERY happy. I was able to do something for someone who really needed it.
I know people are worried if their money is going to the right place, but hello, you can spend $20 on a meal and $30 on a top and you can’t spend $40 on a person who really needs it? We have to take risks, right?

Go Sponsor a child NOW


What is fashion for me?

Fashion once used to be so important for me, to some extent it still is ! I would still invest my money on something that is “happening”. I am not ashamed or anything but I would really like to experiment with my style,outfits, accessories and such. But, I live in Canada and Canada is AMAZING for fashion if you are willing to invest on winter garments which I absolutely dread.
I wish I lived somewhere where the weather was warmer and nicer. I would really like to experiment with fall, spring and summer outfits.
This year has been a pretty crappy year for me. I mean it was good because I gave a lot of time to myself, but fashion wise it sucked.
I am thinking I will buy a sewing machine and start sewing. wouldn’t it be cool?
i was on the subway the other day, I couldn’t help over hearing how a woman was boasting about learning sewing by herself!
I think it would be amazing. What do you think?

I left facebook,tumblr and instagram

Thank God for wordpress. I was hoping for a cool blogging website for a long time now and I am so glad that I found wordpress. I was using tumblr before wordpress. While tumblr is flooded with users but none are serious bloggers. They are more like teenagers “blogging”. That being said, I find wordpress much more sophisticated. I also like the posts I come across.
I also left facebook. I am hoping this is my permanent departure from facebook. Facebook has become largely commercial. I am not a big fan of websites where the users aren’t limited. Yes, I still have a twitter account but twitter is not filled with drama like facebook is.
Instagram, after being bought by facebook has also become really commercial.
So thank god for Flickr, Viewbug, WordPress and twitter.